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California Title & Registration

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California Title & Registration

California Title & Registration

How soon will I receive my sticker or registration?

We now offer instant processing on most transactions which means that your plates, stickers, and registration are issued instantly in our office.

How long does this take?

Whether you call us, email us, or stop by our office, most transactions only take about 5-10 minutes. There are no lines to stand in.

Do I need a smog certificate?

For gas powered vehicles, smog certificates are required for most (but not all) transfers of ownership and renewals. There are exceptions, but the following covers most situations.

For a transfer of ownership, you do not need a smog certificate if the vehicle is older than 1976 or less than 5 years old.

For a renewal, you are exempt if the vehicle is older than 1976 or less than 7 years old. Also, for a renewal, a smog is due every other year.

Diesel trucks under 14000 GVW now require smog certification also.

Is the seller or buyer responsible to provide the smog certification?

The seller is required to provide a smog certificate at the time of sale unless a smog was done for the renewal within the last 90 days. Smog certificates are valid for 90 days.

I just moved here from another state. How soon do I need to register my car and can you help me?

Yes. To avoid penalties, it’s very important that you start the registration processing within 20 days of the date the vehicle enters California.

How long do I have to transfer ownership of a vehicle that was just purchased?

If you bought a vehicle with a California title, you need to start the transfer process within 30 days to avoid penalties. If you bought a vehicle with a title from another state, you have 20 days.

How much does registration cost?

Every transaction is different, call us at 1-800-972-2881 for a quick quote.

Can you process Permanent Trailer Plates?

Yes, The DMV charges $39 (plus tax if transferring ownership) and they’re good for 5 years. Give us a call at 1-800-972-2881 for the details.

What kind of vehicles can you register?

We can register any vehicle. Cars, trucks, boats, trailers, RV’s, OHV’s, and more

Can you do a VIN inspection?

Yes, we can inspect your VIN at our location or we can come to you if you are in the San Diego or Los Angeles area.

How much do you charge?

Our fees are quite reasonable. Most transactions will run about $25 – $55. Some commercial accounts may qualify for special discounts. Call 1-800-972-2881 for more information.


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