Commercial Vehicle Registration

Commercial Vehicle Registration

for California Trucking Companies, Construction Companies, Fleets, & Businesses of Every Size!

Registration and title processing is a frustrating and expensive burden for Trucking companies and business. Valuable company time, personnel, and resources can be wasted trying to keep your commercial and fleet vehicles properly registered and titled. What documents do you need? How much will it cost? How long will you or your staff stand in line?

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In addition to title and registration, we also provide services meant for commercial vehicles and fleets like yours…

Our expert staff specializes in commercial registration of all types. Commercial Tractors and trailers, Cranes, Concrete Mixers & Pumpers, Water trucks, Special Equipment, 9 axle trailers and much more. If it’s been built, we’ve registered it. Give us a call for the answers to all your questions. We take care of your processing in just minutes, not hours.

The services we offer…

Partial Year Registration

This is a great option for commercial vehicles that may not operate all 12 months of the year. You only pay for the months the truck operates. PYR is also a popular option for those carriers that prefer to amortize their licensing cost over a full 12 months instead of paying it all at once. You can pay for as little as one month at a time or pay quarterly like most do. Our service will manage this process for you.

Special Equipment (SE) Plate

This is a special plate for specialty type of equipment such as water trucks, compressors, generators, arrow boards, message boards and other equipment that are used incidentally on California roads. They are only $23 and good for 5 years. It’s a great value!

Permanent Fleet Registration (PFR)

The can be a great solution for fleets of 25 vehicles or more. Once we set you up on the PFR program, you’ll receive a permanent sticker and registration card. From then on, when we renew that vehicle for you, the DMV record is updated but a new registration card and sticker will not be issued. This eliminates the headaches and hassles of distributing your registrations and stickers to the vehicles. Each month, we’ll provide you with a list of your vehicles that are due for renewal.

IRS Form 2290

The IRS wants you to pay another tax based upon the combined gross vehicle weight of your power unit. If you operate over 55,000 CGVW, this tax applies to you. Call us to file this return! As one of our clients, we’ll contact you every June to help make sure the tax return is filed on time.

CA #

This is an account number issued by the CHP (California Highway Patrol). It helps them keep track of your company and safety profile. This is not your MCP (Motor Carrier Permit). Many people incorrectly think the CA # is their MCP. Once you get the CA #, you can apply for the MCP. Most California based trucking companies are required to obtain a CA # from CHP. Give us a call and we can determine if you need one.

California Motor Carrier Permit (MCP)

If you plan to do local intrastate loads inside of California, this permit is required. The good news is that interstate carriers get a no fee permanent permit that never has to be renewed unless you stop running interstate. If you’re based in California, you’ll also need a CA# from the CHP before you can order the MCP. We can take care of that for you.

BIT Program enrollment

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) requires that you enroll in the BIT Program to ensure that they can monitor the safety of your company. CHP will come to your terminal or residence every 2 years to check your maintenance records, log books, vehicles, and other available information to verify that you’re a safe carrier.

Pull Notice Program

The law requires that all California based carriers that employ drivers have them enrolled in the Pull Notice Program. Once a year, this program provides employers with a copy of the driving record for each driver.

Permanent Trailer (PTI) Plate

We can help if you need your trailer licensed in California, Oklahoma, or Maine.

Title & Registration Services

Commercial registration and titling can be costly, complicated, and time consuming. You need an expert to ensure that your on the road quickly and only pay the fees legally due. Take a look at all the Title and Registration services we have to offer here…

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Interstate Licensing & Permits

If you’re an interstate carrier or would like to become one, take a look at the registration and permitting services we offer to keep you in compliance…

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Instant Processing

As a licensed and bonded California DMV Business Partner, American Licensing can process most applications in our office within minutes. We issue registrations, stickers, and plates just like DMV does…

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Other Services


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