Interstate Licensing, Permits & Authority

Interstate Licensing, Permits & Authority

For over 35 years American Licensing has helped interstate motor carriers with everything they need to operate their trucking company. One truck or hundreds, we have services that will help you stay in compliance with all the state and federal interstate operating requirements.


Sure, you could spend hours on the web trying to figure all this out, but it can get very frustrating, confusing, and leave you with more questions than when you started. You’re industry is regulated by at least 10 different state and federal government agencies. Figuring out all their requirements, procedures, and applications can take many hours. It’s overwhelming. Plus, once you’re done, how can you be sure that you have everything? Is that a risk you can afford to take?

We keep it simple.

Email or give us a call so we can go over what you need and the cost. It’s not as expensive as you may think. When you call, we’ll go over your situation and make some recommendations that will be right for your operation.

The services we offer…

Interstate Registration & Permits

As an interstate carrier, you need to be properly registered in every state you travel through. Your base state plate is not legal in other states. You have 3 options:

Apportioned IRP Plates

This is the most cost effective way to register your truck(s) in multiple states. For about the same price as a regular base state plate, you can get an apportioned plate. It’s like getting 48 states for the price of one.

Apportioned IRP Plates issued instantly from our office

As a licensed & bonded Business Partner with the California DMV (License 35465), we’re authorized to issue Apportioned plates right from our office. They can be issued the same day we receive your documents and fees. It can all be done by email so there is no need to come in to our office.

Trip Permits

If you don’t have Apportioned plates, you can purchase a single trip registration permit for every state you travel through. This can get very expensive. If you need to buy more than a few of these a year, you really should consider getting apportioned plates.

Permanent Trailer (PTI) Plate

We can help if you need your trailer licensed in California.


There are a few different permits you need depending on what states you operate in.

IFTA Permit & Decals

This is your annual interstate fuel permit. It’s valid for all 48 states and Canada. If you’re purchasing single trip fuel permits as you travel from state to state, you need to talk to us about getting an annual IFTA permit! It will eliminate all your permit fees and save you a lot of money!

We issue IFTA Permits instantly from our office

Mileage Tax permits for NM, NY, KY, & OR

New Mexico, New York, Kentucky and Oregon all require you to have a mileage tax account, permit, or decal. This is in addition to your IFTA permit. You have the option to purchase single trip permits or obtain an annual permit. If you’ll be travelling thru these states more than a few times, it’s probably a good idea to obtain an annual permit.


This is a relatively new requirement from the federal DOT which requires that all interstate carriers be enrolled and pay the appropriate fee. Most of the states you travel through require evidence that you’ve paid the UCRA fees. Failure to enroll in the program will result in an expensive citation in certain states.

American Licensing can process your UCRA instantly


To operate a trucking company, state and federal governments require that you obtain Authority. There are 4 types:


Almost every interstate carrier needs a DOT #. This is an account number from the Federal DOT (Department of Transportation). They use the account number to keep track of your safety record. We can usually have this ready for you in a day.

MC Authority

This is also issued by the federal government. It’s required if you will be crossing state lines on a “for hire” basis. A private carrier (hauls their own commodity) is exempt. Failure to have this authority can result in substantial fines.

California Motor Carrier Permit (MCP)

If you plan to do local intrastate loads inside of California, this permit is required. The good news is that interstate carriers get a no fee permanent permit that never has to be renewed unless you stop running interstate. If you’re based in California, you’ll also need a CA# from the CHP before you can order the MCP. We can take care of that for you.

CA #

This is an account number issued by the CHP (California Highway Patrol). It helps them keep track of your company and safety profile. This is not your MCP (Motor Carrier Permit). Many people incorrectly think the CA # is their MCP. Once you get the CA #, you can apply for the MCP.

Tax Reporting

An important part of compliance is keeping up on your fuel and mileage tax reporting. We can help!

Fuel & Mileage Tax Reporting

When you get an IFTA permit or a mileage permit from NM, OR, KY, or NY, you agree to file a tax return every quarter (monthly for Oregon during the first year). Accurate reporting of your mileage and fuel purchases is critical to maintaining compliance and avoiding a costly audit. Our services will help you ensure accurate and timely filing of this information. We offer you the option to fax or email us your trip sheets as a monthly service or you can provide us with a summary of your information at the end of the quarter for a more inexpensive approach to compliance.

IRS Form 2290

The IRS wants you to pay another tax based upon the combined gross vehicle weight of your power unit. If you operate over 55,000 CGVW, this tax applies to you. Call us to file this return! As one of our clients, we’ll contact you every June to help make sure the tax return is filed on time.

Instant IRS Form 2290 filings
Are you exempt from sales tax? Understand the requirements before you buy…

Sales Tax Exemptions

In California, you could be exempt from sales tax if you follow a few simple, but important rules. Call us before you buy your equipment and we’ll explain what the requirements are to be legally exempt from the tax. If you’re exempt, we may need to apply for an exemption certificate from the Board of Equalization.

We also offer Sales Tax Exemption processing for a variety of other situations such as a gift to or from a corporation, commencing corporations, business entity changes, mergers, trusts, and family transfers.

Other things you may need…

Apportioned Titles

In addition to registering your trucks and tractors with apportioned plates, we can also transfer your titles. Tax exempt if you qualify.

Pull Notice Program

The law requires that all California based carriers that employ drivers have them enrolled in the Pull Notice Program. Once a year, this program provides employers with a copy of the driving record for each driver.

BIT Program enrollment

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) requires that you enroll in the BIT Program to ensure that they can monitor the safety of your company. CHP will come to your terminal or residence every 2 years to check your maintenance records, log books, vehicles, and other available information to verify that you’re a safe carrier.

Drug Testing

Drug testing is required of most local and interstate motor carriers. Contact us to see if it applies to you. If so, we have a great company we can refer you to.

Audit assistance

When you obtain the various permits, registrations, and authorities necessary for your interstate operations, you’re agreeing to a possible audit of your mileage and fuel records. When you receive a notice of audit, you can be assured that we’re here to help you. Good preparation for an audit can make all the difference. Our staff will consult with you to ensure the best possible results.

Other Services


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